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Virtual Museum, for the other contemporary art, p 8

Seeing art moving on the screen


Moving Art


Schmiegel, Animated Gyroid (source)


David Ope (via)

David Ope


Emilio Gomariz

Emilio Gomariz



David Ope (via)

David Ope


Emilio Gomariz

Emilio Gomariz


Paolo Ceric (via)

Paolo Ceric

Jérémie Brunet, Brilendor Palace Panorama (via)

Jérémie Brunet, Brilendor Palace Panorama


Digital art, fractal animation by Tangent101, Apo-120604-001 (source)


Vladimir Stankovic (source)



Aexion, Wood Animation, Animated gif (source)

Aexion, Hanging Gardens, Animated gif (source)

Aexion, Fractal Machine, Animated gif (source)

Aexion, Rotating Gems, Animated gif (source)


mandalamarcus, The hidden change within (watch film)


yombasoft, Mandala HD (watch film)


Saquedon, Kalicetras Kalidoce Fractal Kaleidoscope (watch film)


capstoned, Mandelbox Explorations (watch film)


Brummbaer45, I found this Algorithm and... (watch film)


Brummbaer45 , A place to remember (Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul) (watch film)


Madman01291, Vorticity, a Journey through Fantasy (watch film)


ReFanatic, Dreams of Change (watch film)


bib993, ofte Jérémie Brunet, Amazing Spiral - 3D fractal trip (watch video)


bib993, ofte Jérémie Brunet, Wierd Planet - 3D fractal trip (watch video)


Brummbaer, Fractal Multiverse HD (watch video)


Brummbaer, Busy, busy, busy (watch video)


Brummbaer, Ze Delivery (watch video)


socialismusic, Musicians With Guns - Cometa, Mandelbox Version (watch video)



verklagekasper, Jelly Trip Experience - 3D Computer Art ,HD, Trippy Video 1 (watch video)


xlace, IFS fractal morph and flight (watch video)

Now a few films in 2D:

lucidtv, Zoey Hoops - HD Fractal Video (watch video)


lucidtv, Crystal light , sweet visuals, 4k Fractal Video Test (watch video)


Entirely different, a Terragen film, PlanetsideSoftware, The Garden of Eternity (watch video)


Not made by computer, but with fluids and filmed, Julia Borovaya, Drop II (watch video)



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