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Virtual Museum, for contemporary art with feeling, page 17

Welcome on page 17 of Virtual Museum. This is about painters of the magic, dream landscapes and visions.


Magical Painters I


Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, Theater (source)


Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (source)


Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (source)


Fabio Selvatici, 120504 Brace (source)


Fabio Selvatici, Fade 02 (source)


Greg Spalenka, Lotus Fairies (source)


Greg Spalenka, The Visitor (source)


Greg Spalenka, Reborn (source)


Greg Spalenka, Expand your Vision (source)


Chrys Roboras, In Doubt, acrylic on canvas (source)


Chrys Roboras, No man's land (?) (source)


Gérard Mursic, Marée basse (source)


Gérard Mursic, Près du Lac (source)


Theo Aartsma, Bird (source)


Theo Aartsma, Elephant (source)


Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (source)


Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (source)

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