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Saint Petersburg once more - part 2

Spring in Saint Petersburg

Peterhof: gold and fountains



spring in Peterhof



Reaching for the sun, Peterhof








Peterhof city


Saint Petersburg Mosque, Kronverkskiy Prospekt 





A little bit of Korea in Sosnovka Park


Victory Day - people carrying pictures of their family who lived through
or gave their lives during the siege - or giving flowers to the veterans




"Citizens! In case of artillery bombardment this side of the street is more dangerous" -
a street sign on Nevskiy Prospekt dating from the Siege of Leningrad.
Nowadays flower bombardments are more common... Victory Day


A helping hand, Victory Day




Reflection of St. Vladimir's Cathedral in shop window


St. Peter's & St. Paul's Cathedral 



on Trinity Bridge





Brave cyclists on Nevskiy Pr.


Solnechnoe, Gulf of Finland

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