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Literature of Johan Framhout: Non-Fiction and Fiction



The two most important works are here on this site:

  • Moving Movements, History of modern Painting. A chronological consideration how different painters worked
    between the end of the 18th century and the second world war. By Johan Framhout. With more then 1000 illustrations.

  • Mirroring, Search into Yourself, a psychological site. Look into this magic mirror and travel through yourself playfully.
    Look to yourself, discover yourself and enrich yourself. 28 pages with a short text and an appropriate illustration.



The two SF-detective novels of Johan Framhout exist only in Dutch. If you are interested, click on the button "naar Nederlands" on the right.



Although most poems are written in Dutch, and cannot be translated without losing it's essence, there exist also English, which will not be translated in Dutch. Here follow the first one, it will be followed.The poemes are presented in an original and visual-art way.